The Beatrix College is a public high school for pre-vocational secondary education, havo, atheneum, bilingual atheneum and 5M ‘Different Learning’. The Beatrix College is located in the heart of the De Reeshof district. At the Beatrix College the pupil and his learning process are central. The school helps students to get the most out of themselves.

You can develop in a broad sense. That is the mission of the Beatrix College. This mission can be summarized with the words involved, reliable and enthusiastic. That mission comes back everywhere. The teachers of the Beatrix College are respectful interaction with each other. After all, you can only learn when you feel comfortable and safe. Learning also starts with curiosity. The teachers want to ‘foment the fire in the student’. The school does this with enthusiasm in and for the work. But also with customization and flexibility in the programs.

Students from the Beatrix College have something to choose. In addition to courses such as pre-vocational secondary education, havo and atheneum, 5M ‘Different Learning’, bilingual atheneum and Beatrix Corporate Social Responsibility are also on the menu.

5M stands for “With Less People More Mastery”. This mixed department is ideal for students who want to influence what they learn, how they do it and what speed.

Students who opt for bilingual atheneum (TTA), opt for a spirited pre-university education with lessons that are taught in English. They also become acquainted with the Dutch language and culture through exchanges, excursions and other activities.

Finally, in the context of the Beatrix Corporate Social Responsibility program, pupils are challenged to come up with ideas and work out what makes the world a bit nicer.

Ruimte voor talent

Voor hoogbegaafde leerlingen in groep 7 en 8 van de basisschool heeft het Beatrix College een speciaal onderwijsprogramma ontwikkeld: Talentum. De overstap van de basisschool naar het voortgezet onderwijs kan...

Maatschappelijk ondernemen

Maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen is een belangrijk thema voor het Beatrix College. Met het project Beatrix Maatschappelijk Ondernemen (BMO) richt de school zich op activiteiten die daaraan bijdragen. Met BMO wil...

Review van/door de havo

Het Beatrix College behaalt prima resultaten en de leerlingen zijn tevreden. Toch is er altijd ruimte voor verbetering. Daarom voerde de school een review uit, samen met de leerlingen, over...

Leren van elkaar

Om de kwaliteit van het onderwijs op het Beatrix College te behouden en verder te verbeteren, heeft de school het Onderwijs- en OntwikkelingsLAB in het leven geroepen. Het doel is...